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Mystical Dream Art - Fantasy Art by Dhyana Mackenzie

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1. Outposts of Shambhala
Outposts of Shambhala is a hidden cave very hard to reach near one of the entrances to Shangri-La. Caves in Tibet are said to be full of knowledge and wisdom where great treasures are stored.

2. Journey to Shambhla
This painting explains prayer fields of intention, and how we need to be more connected to the source of our energy. It also shows a dakini, a tibetan type angel known as a sky dancer.

3. Organic Mandala
Mandala's are used to center ones chi or energy, or to bring into your life what you concentrate on.

4. Dream Dragon
Just use Dream Dragon to day dream with any time.

5. Dragon in Time Space Continuum
This dragon has just left a place in time, and is flying threw space into another dimension, deciding his next destination.

6. 11-11
This painting shows four views of the Kabbalah. One is the tree of life, which has it in all the elements of the universe. It also holds the cross of the golden dawn, and a tesseract generation, with hyper cubes for the 4th dimensional travel.

7. Chinese Stargate
Here we see venus riding a pheonix coming out of a stargate made up from hexagrams of the I Ching. Down the stairs we see a gua written, about water and emotions.

8. Heart Angel
This angel is to help you remember love is the most important thing, and to always show compassion in life.

9. Blue angel
This angel is done in an anime style. She has a soft calming effect and is used for relaxation.

10. Violet angel
This angel is very highly spiritual and elevates you to a higher vibration where you can hear her music play.

11. Come Fly with Me
Giant graceful moth-like creatures silently flying threw space.

12. Queen of the West Si-Wang-Mu
Si-Wang-Mu, who lived eternally in the Jade Mountains, was a Chinese mother goddess or Mother Queen of the West. She was a deputy of heaven who could see the world from her mountain peak and send punishments to evil doers. Si-Wang-Mu may have been the same goddess as Si-Mu of the oracle bones. In the first century B.C., Si-Wang-Mu is paired with Dung-Wang-Fu, the father king of the East. During the second century A.D., Si-Wang-Mu was depicted with wings. She has also been depicted with a serpents' tails for feet.
When the Emperor Mu requested that she give him the elixir of immortality, Si-Wang-Mu refused, but shared with him, instead, seven peaches which he planned to plant to obtain immortality. He then learned they bear fruit only once in 3000 years.

13. Jelly Space
This painting I drew at the national aquaium, when they had a jellyfish exhibit with all types of jellyfish swimming together. They create their own special world.

14. Green Heron
erons are said to be guides from this life into the next. We see a full moon in the back ground showing a life coming full circle, and the cave is a gateway to the beyond. Spring on the trees, shows transformation. The rune at the top is the rune called journey, and the small blank rune on the hill, shows the future will be a leap of faith into the unknown.

15. White Tara
White Tara is an emanation of Tara who is connected with longevity. One calls her for health, strength and longevity. Her white color indicates purity, but also indicates that she is truth and undifferentiated. She has seven eyes, showing she sees all cries for help. She helps with long term physical and mental health problems. She sends healing properties with mystical understanding.

Fantasy Art comes from higher levels of thinking. Who is to say what is real and what is not.

Dreams are surely real; they are where we create our reality...-Dhyana


Below you will find descriptions of the beautiful work of our featured artist Pat Holstrom.

1P. Generation
Life, spiraling up through chemistry starts with molecules and ends with ideas. I see this image as being symbolic of the interwoven cycles of the primordial stew. The detail in this image looks sculpted at the larger size. 

2P. Halloween
Hey, who needs an explanation?  Fear is it’s own reward.

3P. Inner flight
Introspection can be either scary or beautiful, but in this case, it is mystical. Ideas connect and flutter up from the depths, and beauty is in the perception.

4P. Mandala
A mandala is generally a two dimensional visual aid to meditation. In this image I let a mandala out into three dimensions. The eye wanders out and back, the forms undulate, the spirit is warmed. 

5P. Microbial Transport
The little ones construct their ships out of silicates and cellulose. And when we view them in the microscope, the refracted light scatters about, sparkling like crystal. 

6P. Molecular Marketplace
The cell is a city, molecules indulge in coded information and trade just as we do. This cellular dance creates awareness. Enjoy.

7P. Spirax Colonies
The Spirax live in interstitial spaces left in the wake of timeships. They have never heard of humans and might well laugh at us if they had the chance. 

8P. Spore Ship
All organisms need to find a space to grow. The journey creates wonder. 

9P. Tropic of Venus
You need a vacation! Plenty of sunscreen and umbrella drinks for this one!

Here you will learn the insight to Dhyana's work. To the left are descriptions of Dhyana Mackenzie's beautiful paintings.

Also, please view our featured artist section at the bottom of this page.

Mystical Dream Art - Outposts of Shambhala

1. Outposts of Shambhala

Mystical Dream Art - Hidden Treasures 11

2. Journey to Shambhala

Mystical Dream Art - Organic Mandala

3. Organic Mandala

Mystical Dream Art - Dream Dragon

4. Dream Dragon

Mystical Dream Art - DRagon in Time Space Continuum

5. Dragon in Time Space Continuum

Mystical Dream Art - 11-11

6. 11-11

Mystical Dream Art - Chinese Stargate

7. Chinese Stargate

Mystical Dream Art - Heart Goddess

8. Heart Goddess

Mystical Dream Art - Blue Angel

9. Blue Angel

Mystical Dream Art - Blue Violet Angel

10. Blue Violet Angel

Mystical Dream Art - Come Fly with Me

11. Come Fly with Me

Mystical Dream Art - Queen of the West

12. Queen of the West Si-Wang-Mu

Mystical Dream Art - Jelly Space

13. Jelly Space

Mystical Dream Art - Green Heron

14. Green Heron

Mystical Dream Art - Mad Matter

15. Mad Hatter

Check back often - new paintings are always in the works!

Featured Artist! - Pat Holstrom

Generation by Pat Holstrom

1P. Generation

Halloween by Pat Holstrom

2P. Halloween

Inner Flight by Pat Holstrom

3P. Inner Flight

Mandala by Pat Holstrom

4P. Mandala

Microbial Transport by Pat Holstrom

5P. Microbial Transport

Molecular Marketplace by Pat Holstrom

6P. Molecular Marketplace

Spirax Colonies by Pat Holstrom

7P. Spirax Colonies

Spore Ship by Pat Holstrom

8P. Spore Ship

Tropic of Venus by Pat Holstrom

9P. Tropic of Venus

Like this art, the artist is the result of an “Iterative Function System”. Cells iterate to make up the artist. Clouds of dots, the results of iterative computer math, form objects that are shaded and then layered, creating these complex works of art. The artist, recursively recreates a universe somewhat like the one he inhabits and in a similar fashion, only better, because he is the one in charge!

Pat Holstrom has been organizing organic looking things in boxes all his life. At first he collected living things from creeks and ponds, placed them in aquarium boxes and imagined swimming around with them, being a predator or prey. Then he graduated to paints and canvas. In boxes called frames he created extraterrestrial landscapes and abstracts of places he could not otherwise visit. Then, life intruded and he had to get a job. He was himself boxed into a cubicle and a career.

While working with computers he discovered the software and processes that led to this latest expression of his lifelong love of living systems and art. And now, due to the miracle of the Internet you can share in the wonder of it all, for a pittance! Contact Pat. (pbholstrom@hotmail.com)